Information for prospective experts
The knowledge contributed by virtual expert network members are critical to our client’s success.
What are requirements to become a successful expert in our virtual network?
We seek network members with significant and demonstrated expertise in biomedical sciences, medicine, medical technology, engineering, regulatory affairs, legal affairs, business administration, marketing, financials as well as healthcare delivery in a variety of medical specialties. The experts need to be able to articulate issues, trends, pros and cons of new technologies effectively, primarily in writing, and need to have a demonstrated depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise in their field.
What are the benefits of becoming an expert in our virtual network?
Ability to conduct many of the services in a convenient online setting.
Payment for a range of consulting services or volunteering time for non-profit (
No travel, and ability to do consulting work during flexible and off-hours.
Ability to influence business and scientific decisions.
Ability to manage your projects in a convenient online setting.
Ability to develop consulting relationship with prospective clients.
Ability to network with other experts.
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